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At the End of the School Year My Schedule Gave to Me:

12 Students Graduating



(1 not pictured)

11 Field Day Challenges

field day

Some of J’s note-worthy stats:
-3rd place (of all 2nd grade girls) in the sack race
Whole Class:
-1st in hurdle/bear crawl relay
-1st in scoop ball relay (J ran anchor leg)
-1st in hopping ball relay (J bounced the anchor leg)

10 various photos


9 Songs a Singing


The kids were so cute in their musical. And I loved the message of the music!

∞  BubblesBlowing 

(Infinity is the #8 on its side. Ya see what I did there?)

7 Cowgirl Accessories


The 2nd graders have been studying a unit on Cowboys, and they had “Cowboy Day” at the culmination.
Me: “You’re the rootin’est tootin’est cowgirl in the wild wild west.”
J: “I think I know why they call cowboys the tootin’est. I bet it’s because they eat a lot of beans.”


6 Smores-a-Smushing



diaper stuff

After throwing this diaper tea for one of my dear friends, I feel as though I could add “creates various and sundry diaper decorations” on my resume.


4 Toting Baskets


My sister’s fam came into town for Memorial Weekend. We went strawberry picking. As always, I spent more on the to-die-for strawberry/honey popsicle treats post-picking 🙂

3 Camera Lenses

old stone fort collagewm

My parents came up from Florida for a little visit too! We visited a state park. My parents are perpetual tourists, always toting their cameras. (Yes, even moreso than myself. Which is why I didn’t bother to bring mine.) My mom had a camera, and my dad had 2, so J got to use one. These pics are from my dad’s camera. Cheeks took the one of just my dad.

nature collagewm

These are some of J’s pics of nature.

people collagewm

And these are some of J’s pics of people.

2 Awards Ceremonies


At school J received the Good Citizen of the YEAR award in her class, as well as the Art Award in her class (chosen by the art teacher). I thank God regularly for the wonderful educators God has placed in her life. We are truly blessed! She had a fantastic report card with very sweet notes from her teacher, and we learned that on testing for reading she performed “better than the average 5th grader in the first month of the school year”. [I was nearly intimidated when the Rev said she had been reading John Piper in the back of his car, but when I asked her what it was about she said “I stopped reading it.” She opted to read some Michael Card and the Bible instead. Both good choices :-).]
J received the Sparky award for completing all 3 Sparks books. That means she’s movin’ on up to TNTs! It’s hard to believe. I’m so proud of how she has hidden God’s Word in her heart. I thought I’d squeeze into my old AWANA vest for fun… (from back in the days when we had jewels in our crowns rather than flight wings, and when we were referred to as Climbers rather than Sky-Stormers.)

And a Nest of Robins Not in a Tree!


The kids had so much fun checking on the eggs, & then the baby birds, every morning. I even got to watch the first one fly away 🙂


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