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MILEstones, celebrations, & all around photo dumping.

For the past 2 weeks, J has been on spring break.  Just before school let out, J was awarded with the Character Award in her class for this 9 weeks and received the beloved yard-sign.  Her teacher said the SWEETEST things. They were so nice in fact that I have been convicted in the moments when they probably couldn’t all be said of me… the mother… the one who is SUPPOSED to be the example. Any parent knows, God uses our kids to teach us quite often.

These were the words spoken by J’s teacher:

“This Character Award goes to someone who doesn’t earn the Character Award every 9 weeks or every week, she earns it every DAY. She has the most positive attitude. She is so uplifting. She always has wonderful things to say about her classmates. She can turn any situation that is maybe not so positive, she will FIND the good in that situation. Her heart is just unbelievable. I want J with her sweet spirit to come get her award.”

Thank you for allowing me this excessively proud mommy moment:


Although we didn’t go anywhere special over spring break this time around, there were a couple of holidays that were celebrated.

There was St. Patrick’s Day…Image

…and of course Easter…Image




I have to admit, although I certainly think my kids look snazzy, I much preferred Cheek’s dressed- down look… the vest and tie paired with the jeans and converse. I don’t have a good picture of that, but trust me when I say he was the personification of super-cute. J stayed in her beloved dress all day long.

On Good Friday prior to Resurrection Sunday, the Rev and I attended the Secret Church simulcast. If you’ve never been to one before, David Platt’s description is quite apt when he says, “open fire hydrant”.  It’s 6 hours of intensive study and prayer for the persecuted church around the world. The study guide is about 200 pages. It’s intense. It’s sometimes overwhelming. It knocks you down while refreshing you, and inevitably you go back for another drink from the fire-hydrant.  Most of my readers are aware of my need to doodle while absorbing information by now.  Some folks have jokingly given me a hard time that I actually could find time to doodle amidst the continuous note-taking and blank-filling. This should prove to you that my doodling does not indicate boredom. I just HAVE to do it to keep my mind on point, and it was even more important during the intensity of it all. I certainly couldn’t doodle on my note-taking pages though… we were turning pages too quickly. So the mediums of cups and napkins had to suffice.  Here are the doodles that 6 hours of Secret Church produced:

165403_10151814977734619_993320762_n 575640_10151814878579619_1719775176_n (1)

It took some effort to come up with ideas to occupy J’s time on spring break’s chillier days. One of our favorite activities was making duct-tape purses.  We got the idea from For Girls Like You magazine. They turned out super-cute!


We spent a lot of time outside on few nicer days. (This mom sure was thankful for them!)


Our students from church painted the map and hopscotch on this playground a little over a year ago as part of a service project… it looks like they are holding up pretty well!


future American Ninja Warrior?

I love the architecture of old-school playground equipment.
IMG_5870wm IMG_5875wm IMG_5925wm IMG_5945wm IMG_5936wm

It was also Cheek’s half-birthday! Happy 2.5, lil man!


I just love my family.

IMG_5983wm IMG_5985wm IMG_5993wm IMG_6004wm IMG_6036wm IMG_6040wm IMG_6046wm

Additionally, on his half-birthday, Cheeks ran a half mile.

as our own running

Over break J logged a couple more miles for As Our Own. We’re only a few weeks away from Team Nashville Running for Rohin & As Our Own! There has been a slight change in plans as our fearless team leader,The Rev, is not going to be able to run due to problems with his legs. *cue sad violin music*. He still plans on being present to cheer on Team Nashville & represent the fight for freedom, but this means that our family’s running responsibilities lay solely on the feet of J! (No pun intended with the sole thing, but I like it too much to change it now that I realized it. ha.) ANYWAY, please help J help As Our Own end slavery!


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