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This could also be entitled: “If you follow me on other social media, you have likely already seen all of this.”


My relationship with social media involves binge-posting.  I will rotate through what I’m “into” at the moment, involve myself heavily, and then may up and almost disappear from it… or at least rotate my constant presence to something else. Presently I seem to be on a photo-posting binge. Welcome to our month in mobile pics.

Sporting our support for End It Movement


We’re in it to end it!



I call these the pooping trees. Oh birds of horror, why must you poop on my car?


The sky looks like a cracked desert with these branches… or maybe a veiny lung?


morning light


nom nom nom


That’s a strawberry Moon Pie sundae, folks.


They love each other.

487827_10151716148164619_2060594617_n blog

J received the Good Citizen award for “Always looking for the best in everyone & everything.” I could learn a thing or 2 from her.


I ended up making this life-size Abe Lincoln for the 2nd grade hallway at J’s school. Initially I was afraid he looked too much like Elvis, but in the end he turned out more Abe-like. *whew*. (The next time I’m there I may grab a chisel-tip sharpie and raise his inseam… Abe be saggin’ 😉 ) Also, I should note that he is not levitating tiny hats… those are the height markers for the kids.

(ugg, some of these are getting off-center and I can’t seem to fix it! It’s driving me nuts!)
Who needs a book-mark when you have a dinner mint? Apparently not my 7 yo, who has taken to reading her grandma’s novels… (don’t worry, we ask about content first ). This child cannot keep up with bookmarks to save her life.
Mr. Big Stuff… he’s a has-to-do-it-himself kid…

Guardians of the bathroom: Puppy, Chuck & Thomas


I’m beyond thankful for J’s vintage bathroom tile that takes up over half of the wall… the toothpaste spatter that happens in this room is astounding.


One day I was making a sandwich. I placed the bread on my plate. I got out the stuff to put on the bread, came back to the plate, and the bread was gone. It took me awhile, but I finally discovered where I had put said bread… in the toaster.  I  had no recollection of it whatsoever. Well, at least it was bread and not something more flammable. #autoBehavior


I’m not as particular as I used to be with many things (be proud), but one thing remains: my glasses must be in order from smallest to largest.


It’s the biggest thing to happen to our town this year, ya’ll. Chick-Fil-A. And there was much rejoicing.


These people sure earned their year of free chicken in the below freezing temps.


I also still have to make check-lists with every little task. I used to include the stuff that probably didn’t need writing down just for the satisfaction of marking it out. (I’m a line-drawer-througher more than a checker. But if I check, I “X”). Now, I really may forget. Also, if I’m having a rough day health-wise, it makes me feel as though I at least accomplished SOMETHING. I showered. Good for me!


The spare room turned craft room is now officially craft room/ guest room (although it’s still a work in progress). We finally have a guest bed. I am in love with the hand-me-down headboard & footboard & how the scroll work on it happens to coordinate with the quilting on the bedspread that we already had. So pretty.


It’s a good quiet-time view.


the Rev looks as though he is going to hurl an energy ball DragonBall-Z style into the inLIGHT crowd 🙂 (He preaches with his hands.)

Honorable, non-mobile mentions:


So long, 7th tooth. J finally pulled this one herself.


Well, that’s one way to wear pants.

Signing off.


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