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I’ll Cross That Bridge When I Come To It.

This idiom is often used when there is a possibility of an impending problem of which one has no intention of worrying about in the present moment because to do so would be pointless.

I’m not a huge fan of bridges.

As a child, I delighted in them. I felt adventurous about the idea of tiptoeing across rickety driftwood. Being stuck in traffic above a large body of water was a highlight of childhood road trips. As an adult, that’s not the case.  I appreciate the functionality, but the less time that I can spend on a bridge, the better.  I find myself conjuring solutions of escape should I ever find myself plummeting downward toward…whatever is down there. After watching Mythbusters reruns, I have pretty much determined that the only productive thing I could do in such a situation is to pray for divine intervention.

Teleportation would be a fun alternative.

But I digress…

I’ve driven to a bridge.

(forgive the choppiness).

The following segment would have likely been more fit for the “If You Really Want to Know” post…

Will it get worse? I’ll cross that bridge when I come to it. Although you wouldn’t hear me complain if there is no bridge of “worse”.


One comment on “I’ll Cross That Bridge When I Come To It.

  1. Joyce and Norm
    February 24, 2013

    So you probably wouldn’t like visiting me. There are tons of bridges to cross. :p

    Thanks for sharing that. I think we do need to be open when it comes to things that are more or less “unknown”…it is scary, but something scary is better than feeling like you’re alone in whatever issues or problems you’re facing.

    I didn’t get a chance to tweet you back on what was going on, but Melody has absence seizures (aka petit mal, mild form of epilepsy) so we were going in for an EEG to make sure that things are “normal.” We don’t have a follow-up until 3/4, so please be praying for us. I used to have a tendency to be really anxious…we won’t go into that now though. :p My husband had it when he was younger, so I was thankful that it was easy to recognize what it was. So I feel like I’m kind of in the same place that you’re in (but not) with how people give attention to just the one thing…it’s great that they care, but it’s not the only thing they can ask about. Anyhow, let me know if there’s specific ways I can be praying for you. It must be tough with many uncertainties.

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