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Swift and Sick

It was 30 degrees outside when J was determined to kick off her running for As Our Own to help end slavery. It was sunny & theRev was home to run with her (coordinating that can be the trickiest part), so we agreed to let her begin.

(Having nothing to do with anything, can I just say that my type-A wants to reach into this picture and even out the strings on the Rev’s hoodie? Does anyone else feel my pain?)


They made it 0.6 miles before the Rev’s legs began their rebellion. (Lately it is pretty consistent that he can only make it about half a mile, so please pray for this to resolve itself so that he is able to run the half-marathon in a few months! If anyone reading this has any knowledgeable insight on what to do about it, we’re all ears).

J loves math. It’s not her strongest subject, but  for whatever reason she genuinely enjoys it. (She doesn’t get that from either of us 🙂 )  She is especially into fractions and multiplication right now, and last week she came home delighted with the commutative property as if it were the best thing since sliced bread. (I don’t recall doing any of this stuff in 2nd grade). So, while she’s into it, I decided to make her running progress chart include fractions.


I am not a particularly athletic person… I “get” most sports and I enjoy watching them, but I am by no means obsessive. I have to say that basketball is my favorite sport to watch and cheer for. An added bonus for my weather-wimpy self is that it’s INSIDE.

I have really been enjoying J’s basketball season this year. J is one of those people that can learn to do almost anything relatively well if she works at it and doesn’t give up (or get too distracted). But she isn’t as naturally gifted in athletics as she is in reading/music, etc.  She has to work at it. That doesn’t stop her from enjoying it.  This year she has improved by leaps and bounds in basketball. Her coaches have done a wonderful job at teaching skills.  Typically, her comfort zone in basketball has been defense. She can keep up, she can block, she can steal pretty well. But when it comes to more offensive actions such as rebounding, catching passes and putting the ball up, she has been much more apprehensive. Her last game was a complete turn-around… she actually received the offensive star for that game. She scored her first 4 points ever in a game, she rebounded, dribbled down the court, caught passes, and put the ball up a lot. I am so proud of her for stepping out in confidence and not allowing the fear of messing up to hold her back. It has been so fun to watch!

These pics aren’t very clear because they are stills from a video, but here’s J workin’ her defense:

uvs130126-016 uvs130126-020

and offense (her first 2 points in a game):

uvs130126-001wm uvs130126-002wm

If  anyone should want to know what pitiful looks like…


Poor little Cheeks has acquired RSV & pneumonia. He constantly deals with lung stuff, so if it hadn’t been for the lingering fever & the cough sounding a little bit different than usual, I would have likely brushed it off as no big deal.  He is pretty well-mannered dealing with the lung stuff. He’s used to it. (Truthfully, he gets wheezy/cruddy lunged every few weeks.  He is constantly on a daily preventative inhaled steroid and then another inhaled medicine via nebulizer as needed).  But this time it was something more. Truthfully the most difficult part to deal with was the shot that they gave him… I wasn’t aware of how painful it would be for him. He shrieked out in pain every few minutes for a couple of hours until he fell asleep. For most of the next day he wouldn’t put any weight on it.  Praise the Lord, today he is SO MUCH better. He hasn’t had a fever thus far and he is running and jumping around like his usual wild self. His cough is still pretty terrible sounding, but that may linger for awhile. We are grateful for the prayers that have gone up on his behalf & so relieved that he seems to be improving relatively quickly with the help medicine.


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