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Immeasurably More

Last week I had the privilege of accompanying our college students to Passion 2013.

The main theme of the 4 days was that God wants to do immeasurably more in your life and through your life than you can imagine.

Now, there is really no way to adequately express what transpired. I’m not really even going to try. I’ll just share a few highlights of how God spoke to me, and who he spoke it through.

(If per chance you are really uninterested in this part, please don’t stop reading now, but skip down to the video. Don’t miss out on what’s at the end.)

Louie Giglio:

  • Sin didn’t make us BAD, sin made us DEAD. Death makes you hopeless without the intervention of the Lord Jesus Christ.
  • Without breath, there is no life.
  • Precious things are made most beautiful under pressure and in fire. When we come out, we come out in the power of the Spirit.
  • The resurrected Son of God has the scars of healed wounds. Don’t hide your scars. Your scars are your story. That’s how we witness to the world. We say, ‘I don’t mind you seeing my scars because I had wounds in my life and God has healed the wounds! Look at me, I’m standing up!’
  • Your freedom is FOR freedom.

Francis Chan:

  • Humble yourself. Abide in Jesus. Things will happen.
  • The enemy will do anything to distract us from abiding in Him because that’s where all the power lies. It’s the difference between much fruit or little fruit.
  • God is so running through you that people around you know… even the evil knows. Don’t you want that?
  • God’s promises can be trusted.
  • Don’t guard yourself against God by expecting the worst.
  • Your actions don’t change God’s character. God doesn’t stop being who he is.
  • Even though you were faithless, God says “I still want you.”

Gregg Matte:

  • Only secure people can truly love. Humility leads us to security. Security leads us to ministry.
  • God wants to do so much more in you personally before he does so much more ministerially.
  • It’s His investment, not our effort.
  • We don’t try harder, we trust deeper.
  • Where are you living a life that requires God, not just desires God?
  • Christianity: live a life worthy of the Lord (change has already happened). Other religions: live a life to eventually become worthy.
  • We don’t try to become worthy, he has already made us worthy. Our feet are just trying to catch up to where our heart is.

Beth Moore:

  • When someone brings the Word, don’t just listen to someone bring it, you receive it.
  • I [God] will bring you out. I will deliver you from slavery. I will redeem you. I will take you to be my people.

Gary Haugen:

  • How are the enslaved supposed to believe that God is good if the people of God are nowhere to be found?
  • We are the plan. God doesn’t have another plan.
  • God does not give his people a ministry for which he does not give them the power to do it.
  • God gives us joy as the oxygen for doing hard things.

John Piper: (If any of you are familiar with his teaching, you know that I am super condensing my already super condensed note here).

  • Memorize scriptrue. Analyze scripture. Teach scripture. Don’t be anxious.
  • God’s mercies are new every morning because you can’t handle tomorrow’s troubles with today’s mercies.
  • Jesus is the key that unlocks the mystery of history & he is the center of the story.
  • The universe exists to be the subjective echo of God’s objective work.
  • The intensity of your admiration parallels the display of the clarity of His glory and excellence.
  • A deep and present satisfaction in your future & glorious hope frees you from self-protecting fear which releases you to endure.

Judah Smith:

  • We are community beings intended and designed for community, relationships  & intimacy
  • Without community, our world will not see God.
  • Be careful not to make it about adhering to laws, codes & principles & in so doing miss the person.

Passion 2013 live streamed, and they also aired each session online for 24 hours after it went live. So the day after the Rev & I returned home, the last session was still available for viewing.  J really wanted to see what we had been up to, so I let her watch some of it.  I loved watching her worship. Partway through Louie’s message, J turned to me and said, “God’s power is more than we need. It’s just like we can take an extra fill of wonder.”  I still am amazed at the wisdom that comes out of my 7 year old’s mouth and I am so blessed to have watched her comprehend “immeasurably more” in the few minutes that she watched.

One thing that I absolutely adore about Passion is their emphasis on shedding a light on slavery and shining a light for freedom. So many people simply aren’t aware that there is more slavery today than at any other point in human history (approximately 27 million). I think, at least in american culture, we have a tendency to look back to say the civil war era and think to ourselves, “What a tragedy. If I were alive then, I would have done something about it.” Well, if you are reading this, you are alive today and the problem is more prevalent than ever. So wake up and do something!

Thank you CNN for helping us shine the light.

One way that you can be effective is simply to spread awareness. From right now until about the end of April, we are really pushing the End It movement. Make the pledge that you are in it to end it. We did! 

Go out of your way to learn more & spread the word. Don’t let this just be another one of those “things” that initially makes you feel uncomfortable but that you “get over” with your coping mechanism.  Let it wreck your heartSlavery isn’t something to get over. It’s something to put an end to.

“You may choose to look the other way but you can never say again that you did not know.” -William Wilberforce

I have so much more to say, but I think I have maxed out the blog for one day 🙂


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