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Tell Us How You Really Feel

Christmas celebration week has officially come to a close.

We started off our little family celebration a few days early with pancakes & cheesy eggs for breakfast.


J’s favorite gift from us was this bow & arrow set. She has been creating her own obstacle course to shoot around. All while providing her own theme music, of course.


J was also very excited about the various American Girl videos that she received. (They were on sale for $5 each when I purchased them).  I entitle this picture: “Tell Us How You Really Feel”.IMG_4514wm

Over the course of birthdays and Christmases, J received DVDs of Samantha (christmas edition), Molly, Felicity, Kit & McKenna. The last 3 are my faves. They all teach good lessons. After watching Felicity we got a good half-day of excessively good and unprompted manners out of J. We may have to view that one more often. 😉

Cheeks really liked his V-tech letter thingy & his Thomas Spin toothbrush, and of course any and all things trucks and underwear. Really both kids genuinely enjoyed everything they received, which always makes a parents’ heart smile.
IMG_4520wm IMG_4528wm

On to Giz & Poppa’s house! Traditionally at their house, all gifts are opened on Christmas Eve. Each year I’m never entirely sure how we fit 13 people in the room with all of these gifts. It involved several people stepping outside to get some fresh air on a few occasions, as is par for the course. But it’s oh so worth it.

Mario Yahtzee was one of the gifts J had received from us, and it has been used several times a day. She brought it with her to Giz & Poppa’s. Here she is getting her Yahtzee on with Aunt S.

Cheeks couldn’t let sis get all of the attention 🙂IMG_4550wmEvery holiday we take approximately 193, 274.5 family pictures. Individual families, the families with the grandparents, the girls, the siblings, etc… sometimes it feels as though we are trying to outdo Sonic on the number of possible flavor combinations.   (It is also inevitable that every Christmas Eve I will have uncooperative hair for said pictures.) Out of about 20 pics of our family alone, this is the best we could do.

If you recall the aforementioned love of trucks and undies that Cheeks has… yup. He is driving his undies around in his dump truck. As long he isn’t reversing that and dumping in his undies, we are all happy campers. 🙂


The following picture is entitled “Again, tell us how you REALLY feel.”

Mom & Dad have yet to drop the big bucks bless J with an American Girl doll. Last year Giz  & Poppa came through for J. This year it was her Aunt & Uncle. Her joy was contagious.

This pic could also be entitled “The Winner”. This is the gift she had her heart set on.


Someone please explain to my why McKenna & Kaya get the big comfy chair???

Of all of the memories of fun and successful gifting, my favorite probably has to be the other morning when J climbed into our bed and red us the Christmas story from the Jesus Storybook Bible. I could have stayed snuggled under those covers forever.

I was really ok with just having my gift be the kitchen remodeling. But the Rev did still gift me with a few things, some of my favorites being colorful Uniball Signo pens & this e-book:


You may remember the author from her videos on a previous post. I wish that every doctor of  most any kind would read this book. (And lay-people too!) Although everyone’s experience with narcolepsy is different, this book is very helpful in conveying the realities of what narcolepsy is to a misinformed population. There were some things that weren’t “me”, but there was so much more that I could relate to. With limited resources on the subject, that was refreshing.

I had considered expanding this post into how I really feel at any given moment about dealing with narcolepsy, however I’m going to try to get better about not combining what should be several blog posts into one. So you’ll have to stay tuned for part 2.

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!


2 comments on “Tell Us How You Really Feel

  1. Patricia
    January 26, 2013

    Somewhere I read that some antidepressants cause narcolepsy. Possibly as a result, what happens causing the condition will be more understood. At the same time, it is difficult to see much positive about people given medication that causes a condition… Maybe the drug company will know what they were aiming for and what happened as a result? Maybe I have not read enough of your writing but am curious if you always had narcolepsy or developed the condition at a later time in life? We all have something or much to overcome and so much other to be so thankful! You appear to have a wonderful and meaningful life. I enjoy your site.

    • thenewbec
      January 26, 2013

      That is a good question… now that I know that almost all of my symptoms aren’t a million different things wrong with me but seem to fall under the same disorder I am able to look back and kind of “guess” at how long I have dealt with it. Not forever, but a long time. I definitely remember issues such as muscle weakness excessive sleepiness & sleep paralysis becoming more regular in high school & slowly worsening as the years have gone by. I remember my first significant sudden-onset episode of not feeling as though I had enough strength to remain standing in middle school, and I can’t remember a time when I didn’t partially collapse when laughing (although I never considered that one unusual and was totally unaware that not everyone does this. Lol). Narcolepsy is an auto-immune neurological disorder. Your body attacks hypocretin in your brain. From what I can tell people aren’t born with it, although one may be born with a predisposition to having auto-immune problems. What triggers the initial auto-immune response is anybody’s guess. It really could be any illness. I have heard of suspicions of certain strains of the flu shot being a possible culprit. I hadn’t heard of the theory involving antidepressants before, but it wouldn’t apply to me as I have never been on them for any length of time. There are actually a couple that the sleep doc has prescribed as either a stimulant to help keep me wakeful or to ward off cataplexy but my body didn’t tolerate them and in fact I had paradoxical reactions. Thanks for your interest 🙂

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