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Letters to Santa: 2nd grade edition

Every week, I volunteer at J’s school.  The best part of this is that I have the privilege of reading what comes out of the minds of 2nd graders as I hang up or take down work. Yesterday I had the job of stripping the hallway of art and essays before Christmas break. There were letters to Santa and “If I were an elf” assignments. I just couldn’t leave ya’ll out of the fun.

Many of the letters were “It’s not about the gifts BUT” letters. (You know, kind of like so many of our prayers.) For example:

“It is not all about presents, it is all about Jesus’s birthday. If all I get is an iPod touch I will be fine.”

“It doesn’t matter about the presents, but can I get a iphone?”

“I hope you know Christmas is about spending time with your family. But I want an apple iPod.”

One simply stated “I really just want an iPhone 5.”

Are you noticing a trend here? 

This cracked me up. “I’ve been good this year. Have you been good though?”

Then there was this little gem: “If I was Santa’s elf I would tell him to lose weight and lay off the cookies so he can go down chimneys.”

Not all of the letters were funny, however. I know I made a little tongue-in-cheek statement about our prayer lives earlier, but seriously, for many kids their letters to Santa ARE their prayers. One letter began “Dear Santa, my family has been fighting.” Wow. Puts things in perspective.

Here was J’s letter. (Mind you, J is fully in the know on the secrets of Santa.)

“Dear Santa,

My family has been working hard on the kitchen so I thought you would give us some cable and give us no jamming cd’s but the same ones ok?” (*editor’s note: what she means is that the 5-disc changer in our van quit working and only reads “Jam-eject disc”. This jamming is not a reference to musical preference 🙂 *)” Can I talk to  Mrs. Claus now? Dear Mrs. Claus, did you ask Santa for that gingerbread perfume? If you haven’t I will ask Santa to get that for you. Can I speak to Santa now? Ah, Santa. I need the coolest presents ever! Can I ride in your sleigh sometime and if the reindeers are teasing Rudolph about his red nose again what can I do to help?  If there’s anything I can help with like your workshop I’d be happy to help with it!

Love, J ”

Yesterday J also receive the honor of a Principal’s Award for “Academic Excellence & Sweet Spirit”. I wish that I had recorded what her teacher said because it was all very sweet. It was something like “She loves to sing. She loves school. She just loves life. Her enthusiasm lights up the class and the whole school.”

We are so blessed to be the parents of this kid:

The note on her report card stated “What a joy! She has an infectious, kind & sweet spirit!”  That’s music to a parent’s ears, let me tell you.

Speaking of music, I also learned yesterday that apparently J sings for the teachers every day on the playground. ha. Anyone that knows her is probably not surprised.

We can’t have a “fun” Christmas post without a little elf action…

Merry Christmas everyone!


2 comments on “Letters to Santa: 2nd grade edition

  1. Grandad
    December 21, 2012

    What can a grandparent say?
    We are surely blessed!
    Love you all and pray that you have a joyous, healthy and happy Christmas and New year!

  2. Amber H
    December 21, 2012

    I loved reading the kid’s letters. And, congrats to J for her award. God has blessed you with wonderful kids. I love your example of Godly parenting! Merry Christmas!

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