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Tis the season for special events & sickness.  We have been pumping sanitizer on our hands, black elderberry extract down our throats (much to the chagrin of J), and praying a lot. We have been surrounded by the flu, stomach bugs & various infections but thankfully we have managed to escape their serious infestation thus far. I really hope that we keep escaping it. Of course nobody ever wants to be sick, but December/January is just packed full for us as it is for so many, and we don’t want to miss out.

Amidst various and sundry parties we have had a special worship night at inLIGHT,  the children’s musical at church, birthday celebrations, a talent show, a parade & the Rev’s graduation.  We still have A Night in Bethlehem (which is really 3 nights… J has a commitment to 2 nights of it and the Rev has commitments there as well), more parties, & Christmas of course. The Rev has a trip with the students and I am really looking forward to taking the college/career folks with the Rev to Passion 2013. J’s basketball season starts in January, and she has a girl’s conference we are looking forward to her attending.

So please family, stay well. (No pressure.)

*since I have first written this, Cheeks has come down with a fever & J has the sniffles, but so far nothing worse.*

Beginning with the most recent of aforementioned events, our worship night at inLIGHT was such a blessing. Part of me wanted to draw back from the worship team for just a moment and soak in everyone else’s praise as it saturated the room. It was overwhelming, in a positive way. For a portion of our worshiping in silence, we were invited to write our burdens, idols, etc. on a black stone and then take it to the foot of the cross and let go.  I found the simply letting go part to be somewhat profound. How often do we try to make ourselves “do” more to receive things from God or get past our struggles when really all we need to do is stop holding on?  After we dropped our burdens we were directed to take hold of a promise.


On to the next thing, here is a video of J’s acting part in the children’s musical. Her role was Celeste, the drama queen. What a stretch ;).

I hope I didn’t onset an episode of vertigo for any of our viewers. I’m shaky anyway, but with the zoom lens on which I had to use because of my non-prime location, the camera is extra- sensitive to the wiggles.

Last week, J turned 7!

To steal the description I put on our Christmas cards: “J is 7: exuberant, 2nd grader, God girl, clever, musical, bookworm, compassionate.” God sure knew what he was doing when he bundled all of that blessing up in our little girl. We are so blessed that she is our daughter. I knew I wouldn’t have time to make cupcakes for her class, so I asked grandma to make these light-saber freeze pop cozies. Hooray for grandmas.

In lieu of cupcakes, her classmates got freeze pops, star wars fruit snacks, and glow bracelets instead. We didn’t do a big party this year, but J did get to pick a friend to paint pottery with.

We had a family celebration with cake: Star Wars, per J’s request for a cake with Ahsoka on it:IMG_4329blog IMG_4330blog

Just like last year, J’s winter violin recital date landed on the date that grandma booked the Rockettes. However, J was still able to play her piece at a Christmas talent show. 

In case you missed the announcement, the Rev officially received his Master of Arts in Youth and Family Ministry a couple of weeks ago. I have to say that I was pleasantly surprised in that I truly enjoyed the commencement ceremony. I have never been to a graduation in which I wasn’t so bored out of my ever-loving-mind that I just couldn’t wait for the whole thing to be over (including my own!) This time the words were aptly spoken at an appropriate length, the hymns were festive for December graduation, and the kids were quiet and well-behaved *gasp* thanks to the wonderful technology of ipads and smart phones.  IMG_4245wm

There was one incident in which Cheeks decided to crawl under the pews and below the feet of the people in the row in front of us and I had to say, “Excuse me, you have a visitor. May I please have him back?” But that was before the ceremony actually started, so it was all good.



Cheeks thought the cap was awesome.


He thinks daddy’s beard is pretty awesome too.

The kids enjoyed riding on the luggage dolly at the hotel, too 🙂 

It’s a shame that we already sent out our Christmas cards, we got some decent Christmas tree pics last weekend. ha.


We are all so relieved that the Rev is DONE! Well, that is unless he decides to pursue his doctorate, which he may. But he’s done for at least a year, so we’ll enjoy the time we get in the moment 🙂


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