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Repurposing Makes Me Hungry

Believe it or not, neither of these projects are Pinterest inspired. (I say this because folks have actually referred to these as my Pinterest projects. ha.) It’s actually quite surprising that I’m not an avid pinner.  As it turns out, I pin like I shop: I only browse when I have a particular interest in mind, I pin, I leave. I appreciate the resource, but I don’t camp out there. I haven’t pinned in awhile.

I have, however, crafted. And repurposed. I haven’t been crafty in a really long time, and although parts of the project are still left significantly wanting it was good to oil up my creative outlet again. It has been years.

This board is hanging in the dining room. I’m still working on ideas of what to group with it to “beef it up” a bit. I”m not sure if you can see or not in the pic, but the full verses are actually there, in the background. The verses I used (from various translations) are: James 5:16, Psalm 4:1, Philipians 4:6, John 14:13, 1 Thessalonians 5:17, Psalm 62:8 &Matthew 11:28.


I’m terrible at painting letters (shaky hand problems), but I thought to take the tips off of my glue bottles and put them on my craft paint bottles rather than using a brush. Sometimes I still had some flow issues, but overall it was very helpful. Oh, and this board used to be a shelf in the old kitchen:

And here is our $1.30 project that I am presently most excited about! The print was a gift from the lovely Rachel Anne Ridge. I knew that I had wanted to put it on this wall in the new kitchen, but I also knew that it would be too small. I commandeered some chicken wire from a friend for a different project when inspiration struck. Instant backdrop expansion!

In case you can’t see what I wrote at the bottom of the picture, the wood is the repainted transitional strip that was on the floor between kitchen and dining room, pre-remodel. The 3 center knobs I found in the garage, and the two outer knobs were taken off of J’s disgusting old vanity which had to be replaced after a plumbing leak waterfall. (Although I wasn’t excited to spend the money, my feelings were not remotely hurt to make the replacement.)

You know, I really ought to make 2 posts out of this entry. But I’m not going to. So if I haven’t lost you by now (is anyone else getting hungry yet?), here are some pics from our Thanksgiving. This is the first time in a decade (14 years if you count pre-marriage) that we haven’t had Thanksgiving at my in-law’s. We used to do both families on Thanksgiving day when our parents lived 15 minutes apart. Then a few years ago my parents skipped the state, so it was usually the Rev’s side of the family on Thanksgiving and my side on a different day.  This year, we only were able to make it for one meal. Although we missed out on family time, I have to admit that the less-busy aspect was nice. My parents didn’t make it up, but we siblings had a nice combined Thanksgiving/ Christmas.

Here I am with my babiest nephew.

Me & my sister: the hostess with the mostest. I was stealing juices to make the gravy with.

We go together like mashed potatoes & gravy… which is what we are finishing up in this pic.

I was in charge of the veggie & dip platter, mashed potatoes & gravy, which I think all turned out delicious. I was also in charge of the pumpkin pie which tasted pretty normal, but had some mysterious appearance issues of which I have given up on figuring out what the problem was for certain, although I have a theory. It still got eaten, so I guess it’s not a total loss.

My bro, sis-in-law, sis & the rev getting their grub on. Somehow I don’t think I got any pics of my bro-in-law. *oops*

The weather was SO NICE (light long sleeves, no jackets. My favorite) that we spent the afternoon at the park after our Thanksgiving meal.

Cheeks has recently become obsessed with trees. He was on his way to touch those two on the left.

My brother is the biggest kid of all. He is so good about playing with the kids.

The cousins, minus the babiest. 5 smiles & 10 eyes = successful picture of children!

Part of Thanksgiving at the Rev’s is the one time a year that his aunts come to visit. Since we missed the big gathering, they visited us at our house before heading back home. (And as a side note, they got the kids these adorable Scentsy stuffed animal things which they love, and now their rooms smell delicious!)

If you made it to the end of this long post, congratulations! I’d say you should go reward yourself with some Thanksgiving leftovers, but those are probably long gone by now. I give you permission to reward yourself by spending an afternoon at the park instead. 🙂


One comment on “Repurposing Makes Me Hungry

  1. Amy
    November 29, 2012

    Yes, somehow J does avoid pics. When my mother looked at pics of their visit up here, she asked, “was J there?” Oh, yes, see there’s his foot in the picture!

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