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If I Were President, (2nd grade edition)

If you have kids or are close with any children, you know what it is like to be awe-struck by God’s work in them.  From that first little gassy smile to the miracle of sleeping through the night (hallelujah!), from wondering what were they thinking  how on earth did they manage that, to their thought-provoking questions… I have resolved myself to the fact that from this day forward I will be regularly astounded.

One not-so-significant way that in which my eldest child astounds me is that she brings home her textbooks FOR FUN. It gets better… the other day I overheard her reading copyright information. With expression. The next day she was getting ready to read to Cheeks and she said to me “I hope this book has facts in the back”.  She genuinely delights in all of that stuff that I tend to breeze on past. (I can’t wait to hear her take on Leviticus and Numbers when she gets around to it…)

I volunteer weekly at J’s school. One of the benefits of this is that I get to read all of the cute stuff that 2nd graders write when I put work up and take it down. Here was J’s “If I Were President” assignment:

In case you can’t read my instagram very well, Here is what it says (complete with adorable grammatical errors):

“If I were President of the United States it would be exiting, amazing, cool, tireing, and hard work. I would make laws that don’t include no bad laws to obay. I would make sure that schools, felds, and nature are safe. I would love to be a President because I could do anything I want but… most of all I would make good choices.”

Following the recent election, J came home from kids choir at church. I’m thankful that she regularly has prayer opportunities there. That night she said “I prayed for Barack Obama at choir.” I asked her what she had prayed and she said, “Mostly I prayed that he would make the right choices and know Jesus.”

Wow. I think some adults I could learn a lesson from her praying priorities.


Since she was born we have always prayed that J would come to know and love Jesus at an early age and that she would have wisdom beyond her years, especially in spiritual matters. Sometimes we pray things, and then we form preconceived expectations about how they will be answered. (Well, maybe YOU don’t, but I sure do.) Let me just say that God has already far surpassed my meager expectations with this child. It has its challenges… having a little girl that “gets” so much beyond her years in many ways and is still “her age” on other levels. But I wouldn’t trade it for the world.

I don’t remember watching many presidential inaugurations, but I remember President Obama’s inauguration in 2009. Although it was historic on several counts, the typical reasons that may come to mind are not quite what has been most significantly ingrained on my brain. I remember it because of the work that took place in my then recently-turned-3-year-old.

Here is the summed-up account:

As we were sitting down for lunch today, I mentioned how today we are getting a new president, Barack Obama, and that we need to pray for him every day that he will make right choices, and also that if he doesn’t know Jesus, that he will come to know Him.  She proclaimed, “I know Jesus! I need to help him know Jesus too.”  This sparked a conversation where I asked her what Jesus did (her answer was that he died on the cross to take our sins away and that he was buried).  In a nutshell, I asked if she believed that after he died he was buried but that now he is alive.  She said very confidently, “Yes, I believe that!”  She decided that she wanted to pray to ask Jesus to forgive her of her sins.  She repeated a sinner’s prayer after me.  And when we were done praying, she said, “Now I was a Christian!”  (she confuses her grammar regarding “was” and “am” sometimes).  I told her how now the Holy Spirit lives in  her and helps her to make right choices (thanks to a particular book that we have, this is not a totally foreign concept to her.  She knows that the 1 true God has 3 persons, Father, Son & Holy Spirit, etc.)  I wish you could have seen her face.  It was just such genuine joy.

A few minutes later out of nowhere she said, “Now I was a Christian, I have to go in the water!”

I didn’t even know that she understood the connection between being a Christian and getting baptized.  We will probably wait awhile on the baptism to make sure that she understands what that part is about more fully since we haven’t really talked about that part much before, but I’m so glad that she is so excited about it!”

(She did by the way get baptized several years later in February of 2012. Here is a throwback video.)

My favorite part is her confession.  When discussing the meaning of baptism, we also discussed what a confession is: speaking something that you know is the truth. We gave the suggestion of something like “Jesus is Lord”.  She responded with, “How about I say this?”(You will have to watch the video to hear her confession).”I know that’s the truth.” I said that’s great :-).

Even in this moment as I am typing and she is going off to snuggle daddy for bed, out of nowhere she says, “I remember what you said.” “What baby?” “I am a child of God and the evil one cannot touch me.”

And off she walks.

I am so blessed to have her.

And I’d vote for her. 😉

No amount of politicking can sour my correlation of our freedom to vote for who we would choose as president and J choosing her freedom in Christ.


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