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I love autumn.

I can look past the frigid temps & allergies for now.

On this day, the kids decided to sweep the ever-multiplying acorns off of the driveway. 

Some things I enjoy:

-watching the leaves fall like sprinkles of glitter in a snow-globe

– J having 2 weeks off for fall break

-the color scheme

-death to mosquitos

-opportunities for creative inspiration

-family fun stuff such as carving pumpkins, jumping in leaves, roasting marshmallows & dressing up

-comfort food (cooked by others 😉

Most of all, autumn is very worshipful for me.  All around I experience the imagery of natural pruning and death to self in order that God will bring forth beautiful new life in the appropriate season. Have you ever noticed how nature doesn’t fight it? Nature just rests while the work takes place. Once it has withstood the cold, the loss, the battering winds it comes forth stronger… more beautiful and useful for its purpose in the next season.

Here are some pics and a video from fun with pumpkins and leaves. J asked if we could make a house.

This doesn’t really have to do with the fall season, but here is J singing “You Lead” by Jamie-Grace in church last week. I love J year round, so I can insert it into the fall post, right?

Now it’s time for flashback fun:

Remember, we had just brought Cheeks home a week before it was time for Trick or Treat (and only knew of his existence 4 days before that). Believe it or not, someone sent this Mickey Mouse sleep sack that they had ordered online as a gift. It just so happened that J was already going to dress up as Minnie Mouse. It was meant to be.  🙂


2011 speaks for itself…


VERY last minute I decided to grab the kids some new buckets (primarily because Cheeks took a liking to them in Wal-Mart and they were just $1), and I went ahead and personalized them. It took putting them in front of a space heater to dry the glitter-glue in time (which later peeled off of J’s), but they were cute while they lasted  and will be easy to touch up.

Batman + Catwoman = Batgirl and Batman Jr.

Happy Fall Ya’ll!


2 comments on “Chill.

  1. joyceandnorm
    November 5, 2012

    Love the vid! 🙂 Darling costumes. Love the sweeping pics too.

  2. Marie
    November 4, 2012

    Your little ones are quite darling…..enjoy your autumn…….I’m afraid I’m already missing the green and the lovely flowers. Oh well…..this too shall pass!

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