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Due to illness & travel, we were, oh, 2o days late on having Cheeks’ birthday cake. Trucks and puppies are his 2 favorite things so I opted to make a firetruck cake and dalmation cake pops.

Initially, it was just going to be a very small family event out of town at the Rev’s parents’ house, since our kitchen was not yet fully functional.

(It is now, but it is still not “finished” and I am waiting on the details to be done before posting the official before and after pics.)

Since we were 2o days late however, I did in fact have a fully functional kitchen. So the belated celebration was moved back to our house. And we invited some BFFs who are *like* family.

This is Cheeks’ toddler BFF.

Cake monster. There are a million captions one could put with this pic…

His athleticism is one of the areas in which nature is trumping nurture. 

Then I was almost belated again, but fortunately our inLIGHT drummer saved me yesterday by asking how long ago we got Cheeks. There are a lot of  23rd-24th-25th dates in our family/extended family with birthdays, important events, etc. and I just can’t keep them straight! For a few minutes I was scrambling afraid that yesterday was the date and I had missed it. Yes, I’m that pathetic. Go ahead, hand over my parent-of-the-year award. Fortunately Cheeks is too little to know that I was fumbling around… perhaps by the time that he is old enough to realize it, I will have it under control. (Wish me luck).  Anyway, it was 2 years ago TODAY that we met our sweet son.

2 years ago today: We were stuck in Titans traffic trying to make it to our appointment at the hospital to meet our baby for our overnight stay… all 5 lbs 2oz of him (up from 3lbs 13oz he was when he was born). I texted a friend who shot up a prayer. God created a path in traffic like the parting of the Red Sea. We walked into the NICU where the other babies were surrounded by family and tokens of home, love and well-wishes. There Cheeks laid in his bare bassinet, facing the blank wall he had known as his primary company for 24 days. (Of course the nurses loved on him as their schedules allowed). The moment we laid eyes on him our hearts swelled with love, our eyes filled with tears, and he was grafted into the heart of our family forever. He’s ours. We love you Cheeks!

Two years ago on the 25th, we brought him home.

He had suspicions about my strangeness even then……not sure if he was gettin’ his praise on or casting the crazy out 😉 

A day later, he met his amazing big sister for the very first time.

It was love at first sight!

She wouldn’t leave his side.

We officially celebrate “Gotcha Day”  on his finalization day in May since the day we brought Cheeks home from the hospital is less than a month after his birthday and there are just so many celebrations to run into this time of year. But our hearts are still celebrating 🙂


2 comments on “Belated

  1. rachelanneridge
    October 27, 2012

    I had tears in my eyes, reading your story and seeing the pictures. What love!! Cheeks is an adorable little man and what a celebration of life. Thank you for sharing, and for your presence on the web! I don’t comment/tweet often, but I always love to “see” you there.

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