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Turning 2

At the end of this month, Cheeks will be 2 years old.  TWO. *sniff*

Things he likes:

-trucks, trains, cars (basically anything with wheels). For awhile he would point out every. single. truck he saw. (about a month and a half ago)

-Puppy. He almost always whispers his name. (taken a couple of weeks ago… I apologize for the weird video scrunching).

-Letters. He is obsessed with letters. Everywhere he goes he points out letters and their sounds… on signs, shirts, on object shaped like a letter, you name it. As with big sis, I cannot take the credit for this. I owe it all to the Leap Frog Letter Factory DVD. (You are welcome, Leap Frog, for the promo). He is even trying to write now. He will want me to help him trace something or will scribble all over the white board until he accidentally makes something that sort of looks like a letter, tell me what letter it is, and be very proud of himself. It’s hard to get this guy to perform for the camera, but I was able to catch a little something last month:

-his Sissy and music. Typically, I am rather impressed with his ability to mimic pitches perfectly. He was being a bit silly for the camera though, so this is NOT one of those perfect pitch moments. Consider yourselves warned. 😉 


Things he doesn’t like:

-veggies. Cheeks used to be my baby that ate double grown-up portions of anything and everything. Last year around his 1st birthday he started getting pickier, and unfortunately that has continued. He also will like something one day and the next decide he hates it. Of course we still offer healthy food to him regularly and just pray for his tastes to change for the better. Sometimes we have a battle. The boy may be my more laid-back child, but he still has an iron will. This was taken after he had sat for an hour, refusing one bite of anything. There were several different veggies, ranch and chicken. For most of the hour he was very happy and passive-aggressive. Then he threw a tantrum, but it was short-lived because, well, he didn’t take a nap that day. He went to sleep without his supper… right in his chair. (He did wake up an hour later asking to eat and was not happy when I put the same thing in front of him. I FINALLY force fed him a piece of chicken, which he swallowed and didn’t spit out so I counted it. Then I let him have a banana… which I was happy that he wanted because he had been refusing bananas. And then he ate more chicken.)

-when his sissy leaves.

-not being allowed on the soccer field.

Cheeks’ vocabulary is finally expanding. We may be the only folks that can understand him most of the time, but I think he is finally hitting his language explosion and seems to be adding more to it/ becoming clearer by the day. He knows a lot more than we know he knows until it slips out. Ex: when J received her soccer jersey, he pointed to it and yelled “doh!” for two. (She is #2). I am not nearly as intentional about teaching him as I was with J, but apparently he is picking up on it anyway.

All around he is just a hilarious, fun-loving kid. We love you Cheeks! Our family wouldn’t be complete without you.


One comment on “Turning 2

  1. joyceandnorm
    October 5, 2012

    Bittersweet moments of motherhood 🙂

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