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MRI… well that’s attractive.

Last week I mentioned that the sleep doc referred me to a neurologist (and that he seemed much more concerned about my twitches than I am). I never would have landed foot in the neurologist’s office if it weren’t for his referral. I just wasn’t all that concerned.

Things went well. The neurologist said I have a “textbook classic” case of a tic disorder.


That is no sarcastic cheer. It’s legitimate rejoicing. This is the first time I can remember being “textbook classic” anything. Typically, I am one of “those patients” who end up being a medical conundrum. So I am beyond grateful to have such a direct explanation. We don’t anticipate that there is any major underlying cause for concern, but just to be on the safe side I got to spend my morning in this:

MRI= magnetic resonance imaging. Magnets. Attractive. I made a pun. You’re not laughing. Moving along…

I am so thankful to be in the era of modern technology in which they offered to set up any Pandora radio station of my choosing, amidst the magnetic resonance. If anyone is wondering, I chose Anthony Evans radio. The first song was “Lord I Give/How Great”… or in the typical fashion of renaming worship songs to the main idea tagline, I refer to it as “Have Your Way In Me”. It was a wonderfully relaxing way to start the MRI off by worshiping God with my trust.

At one point the noisy rhythm and pitch of the machine was in sync with one of the songs that was playing. That made me ALL KINDS of happy. (Keep in mind that it drives me nuts when the rhythm of the windshield wipers or blinker conflicts with my music. Yes I know. I’m strange. Nobody should be surprised here.) I appreciate that little hug from God. He knows that  proper timing/dependability is my love language. (Wait, that category wasn’t in the book?) I digress…

Other than being super disoriented when I stood up afterward & having a painful head and neck from being as still as humanly possible (quite the task when you keep in mind that the whole reason I am there is because I twitch. Ha. I’ll admit I was getting quite antsy toward the end), it wasn’t too bad overall. The injection didn’t even hurt. Other than that I have no update for ya’ll. Never fear, I will be sure to continue on with the play-by-play of my life via blog-dom. Try to contain your excitement 😉

Last week was the first soccer practice of the season. Our color is… *drumroll*….. GREEN! (for the 3rd season in a row). This time we are the Green Dragons. (Last season we were team Kryptonite, and the season before that we were the Green Hornets). I was hoping for Ninja Turtles, but Green Dragons is pretty cool too.

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We also FINALLY got to visit with my sister’s fam and meet my cutie new 6 week old nephew!


5 comments on “MRI… well that’s attractive.

  1. joyceandnorm
    August 28, 2012

    ha! I guess I didn’t think about that…but I’ve never been close to a MRI machine before either. :p Yes, a hollodeck would be fabulous. :p hehe

  2. joyceandnorm
    August 26, 2012

    Glad it’s textbook. Also glad to know that you are able to listen to music in there. Bummer you can’t watch a movie or something…too much eye movement? :p Love the precious baby pic.

    • thenewbec
      August 28, 2012

      You’d have to be very near-sighted to watch a movie a few inches away from your face, lol. We need Star Trek technology so we could have an MRI in the hollodeck 🙂

  3. Jan
    August 24, 2012

    Hi, what a fun post — you crack me up! I’m glad you finally got your moment in the “textbook.” Your new blog looks really good!
    Jan (a Company Girl)

    • thenewbec
      August 25, 2012

      Thank you. I’m not a fan of my background, but I don’t really know what i want so… Epcot fireworks in the water it is… for now.

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