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You Give Me Fever

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My parents were up from FL for a couple days last week. We generally see them twice a year MAX, so it was good to see them. I felt like a terrible hostess: we still have no kitchen (although the re-wiring is done! woo-hoo!) AND we finally have a ceiling fan/light in the living room! Both this house and our old rental house did not have overhead lights in the front room (I guess it’s a ’60’s thing). So I figured while we had the electricians here for the kitchen, I might as well ask them to wire a ceiling fan too.

Best. Decision. Ever.

While my parents were here, Cheeks came down with a fever.  He was running 102-105 all day while on meds. Because I was suspicious of a particular bug bite and it was about to be the weekend, the Rev took him on to the doctor just to be on the safe side. (I’m generally of the ride-the-fever-out camp). His white blood count was good, thankfully. Everything else looked fine. He just had a fever. But that evening his fever got up to 106.3 (on staggered Tylenol and Motrin, with an ice pack on his back), so we headed to the ER. Or as I tend to think of it: the giant money-guzzling cube with magical healing powers at the copay desk.

As it turns out, his ears were pretty red at that point, so they prescribed him an antibiotic for that aspect. He FINALLY started responding to the meds (doing nothing different than what we were already doing at home) while we were at the hospital and we were sent on our way. We had summoned our prayer warriors using the powerful tool known as the Facebook status. It amazes me how God uses our prayers and our community when He is working. He doesn’t have to, but he chooses to. Although I jest about the inconvenience of the cost for what seemed to be “nothing”, I TRULY am GRATEFUL to God for how he answered our prayers and took care of our poor little fella.

It has been a few days since Cheeks has had a fever. Although now that the fever is gone, his RAD has acted up and we have had to give him breathing treatments. J caught the fever but has stayed pretty low with it when she had it. Now I caught it and it’s not too bad. Mine is also low (comes and goes) and I just basically feel more exhausted than usual for even me. It definitely could be worse. I am exceedingly grateful that there are no other accompanying symptoms and I’m optimistic that it will come and go  quickly.

Speaking of fevers, J has Olympic Fever. She has decided that she wants to be an Olympic runner when she grows up. She was begging to be allowed to go outside and “train”, but I declined this allowance in consideration of the fever. She is set on practicing with daddy on his day off after school tomorrow, so I hope that her fever stays gone this time. I’m so glad she picked track over so many of the other options: a dream that, should she stick with it, would primarily cost us good running shoes… as opposed to a horse or a high-dive.  I’m grateful that she chose something that I can encourage her to work hard in without breaking her enthusiasm for us not being able to provide for what she wants. She is concerned about the uniforms though… she doesn’t want to run in her underwear. Good girl 🙂 She was pleased to see a couple runners that were covered up. Thank goodness, her hopes are not dashed based on clothing criteria.

(For a throwback to her running accomplishments earlier this year, click here.)


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