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First First Not a First

This week miss J started her first day of second grade.

Last year in 2011, her first day of first grade was also her first day of public school.

The year before that in 2010 her first year of kindergarten was her first day of “real school”… at home.

She had 3 years of first days of preschool before that…. her very first being in 2007 when she was 20 months old.

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(first 5 pics from this year, last 5 from past years)

This year, for the first time in a few years, it’s not J’s first time doing an entirely new thing.

Sure she is in a new grade with a new teacher, whom J has dubbed with the compliment of “silliest teacher ever”. (If you know how much J loves silliness, you know what a high honor this is.) Last year, J was at the same school (which we have loved so far). Her first grade class was waaaay at the farthest end of the hallway. This year her 2nd grade class is the closest on that hall to the main door, and also the closest class of the whole school to the gym & the cafeteria. Ironically, this year she also has the last lunch time. But this year, it’s her 2nd first day there. The 2nd first day is much different than the 1st first day. She already knows the ins and outs of routine expectations. She already knows lots of friends.

We are blessed that she walked out of school on the first day with the same exuberance that she walked in with. I believe the first words out of her mouth upon entering the car were “That was SO AWESOME!”

Side-note: on “meet the teacher” night J was greeted by a friend who dramatically exclaimed “Praise the Lord, you’re here!” , while folding her hands and bowing her head. It was hysterical and I wish it translated as well in text… you just had to be there.

Narcoleptic Note

Some people with narcolepsy have a heightened sense of smell. (I suppose it is because the source of both is in the hypothalmus?) I believe I am one of the “some people”.

I have always had a sensitive smeller. This morning when the electricians were working on rewiring our kitchen, I asked them if they were doing anything that might cause an odor. When they said no, I asked if they smelled what I smelled, because it was starting to smell like an animal had died. Neither of them smelled it. I noticed it was only on one side of the house. About an hour later, they had the man at the hardware store drop something off that they needed. I apologized for the smell. At that point I could TASTE it. *gag*.  He didn’t smell anything. As time went on it became very evident that it was indeed dead animal smell, and the source was my chimney. I found myself hanging out as close to the kitchen-work as possible where they were drilling into wood so I could smell THAT instead. Wish the Rev luck as he tries to locate and fish out the offender… we aren’t sure if this is a possibility. *double gag*


2 comments on “First First Not a First

  1. Julie F.
    December 12, 2012

    Very interesting about the heightened sense of smell with narcolepsy. I’ve heard that people who are sleep deprived (aka folks with sleep disorders like apnea and narcolepsy) have heightened senses because it’s a natural protection instinct that kicks in due to our sleepiness making us less aware of our surroundings.

    I’ve also noticed heightened senses with my daytime stimulant medications for narcolepsy.

    Love finding your blog! Thanks for sharing!

    • thenewbec
      December 16, 2012

      I would believe it! I definitely have heightened senses/ sensory issues. I wouldn’t know about the medications since so far there’s nothing I can take that doesn’t render me completely useless…

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