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So Long, Summer

Sometimes I wonder if we should rename J “Belle”. She often is walking around with her nose in a book. She reads a wide variety, from her brother’s baby books to comics (making the Rev proud), to chapter books. She was just born a reader. Lately, her books of choice are typically some form of Children’s Encyclopedia or her Bible. On the day that this picture was taken, she would randomly shout out exclamations such as “Did you know he lived 777 years?” or “I think I discovered what my brother’s name means!” I can’t express how grateful I am that my girl genuinely loves God’s Word. If you know another 6 and a half year old that reads Genesis and encyclopedias for fun, perhaps we should set up a play date . They could discuss things like venus fly traps and the implications that sin entering the world had on bugs harming people. (Yes, these are real conversational topics that she initiates. Ya’ll, I need some parental support here!)

It’s a good thing J is exercising her intellect. There is less than a week until school starts! Overall, everyone is excited. But I’m dreading having to be up AND DRESSED and fed by a certain point. A very early point. Neither of those things are terribly difficult on their own, but put them all together and suddenly I am overwhelmed.

J isn’t the only one engrossed in academic expression these days. This morning Cheeks was frantically pointing out the window saying “Bee! Bee!” Expecting to see a bug or something (although he has never referenced a bee before), I couldn’t figure out what in the world he was talking about. Then I finally saw it: J’s chalk heart from this perspective looks like the letter “B”. Further evidence that he knows much more than he lets on 😉 (look hard, top right).

The first half of the summer went by really quickly. We were staying active and were out of town a lot. However, with the 3 digit temps and trying to conserve money by NOT going too many places, the second half of summer has looked a lot like this:

And it has sounded a lot like “Cheeks, go get the ipad and let your sister play the computer in peace”. (Chalk that up to the list of “things that I say that make me feel old because I know this stuff never existed when I was a kid”). As you can see, parenting is at it’s finest. *shameful head drop*

Last week, the Rev and I were super-blessed by a sweet couple at church that offered to babysit so we could go on a (MUCH NEEDED) date. We were also blessed with a gift card. We went out of town and tried somewhere new for us. It was DELICIOUS. We had a stuffed mushroom appetizer. I had crab bisque, bacon wrapped shrimp and a sweet potato. (This is only half of my plate). Glory.

We tried something fun in J’s hair: yarn rope twists. It’s a great way to add a splash of color without actually coloring anything. And much to our delight, they have been holding for days! Usually her hair won’t hold a thing. I got the idea from Chocolate Hair/Vanilla Care. I frequent that site for tips with Cheeks, but this time I thought I’d do something fun for my vanilla child. (I have actually learned quite a bit regarding tips for my own hair there as well!) As a child, I admit: I always wished I had fun chocolate hair. I really did. I gazed longingly at braids and beads. My hair was so stick straight and baby fine as a child that it wouldn’t even  hold a french braid. J’s isn’t even as hard to work with as mine was. So I am living vicariously through my daughter in this moment and making her vanilla hair FUN! Now, doing yarn rope twists all over would hardly look right with her hair type. So I did one in the front (it has been working GREAT at keeping the hair that always falls in her face OUT of her face, by the way!) and 4 in the back, which you can’t see unless her hair is pulled forward or up. They have also been helpful in that I don’t have to add additional clips to her hair when pulling it up to keep hair in that normally falls out of the hair tie. We may do this more often!

Narcoleptic Note:

(I completely failed to do this last week! oops).

Narcolepsy interrupts sleep/wake cycles both day and night, which is why narcoleptics are also often insomniacs.


One comment on “So Long, Summer

  1. Amber H
    August 1, 2012

    I can’t believe J will be in 2nd grade! Glad you’re paving the way for us so I can come to you with questions!!! 🙂 Great job on her hair!

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