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Not Profound.

There isn’t much new or special to report this week. I’m not in the “profound thinking” mood either.

The Rev’s mission trip for next week with seminary got cancelled. He is bummed 😦

I had a lock-in with our senior girls that will be going off to college in a few weeks. *sniff*. We ate things like this:

I pretended to be the sister of these girls while their real sister was out of the country.  We happened to all be in black and white on Sunday. We happened to all sit in the same row. The dress that I’m wearing actually also happens to be a hand me down from their sister. And we’re all short. Obviously, honorary sister-hood was inevitable.

My kitchen still looks like this:

Cheeks got his drumming on the other night. He has decent rhythm for a 1 year old.

Happy weekend!


One comment on “Not Profound.

  1. joyceandnorm
    July 21, 2012

    I had a thought, but then I saw the Pringles!!!

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