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The definitions of EXPOSE as they apply to this post:

– To subject  to the action of light
-To make visible
To make known
– To reveal the guilt or wrongdoing of

Kitchen remodeling is coming along slowly but surely. It gets worked on maybe once a week if the Rev is home. Today the Rev’s parents came out to help.  (By help, I mean they have worked harder on this house than I ever have).

While removing the remaining cabinets, we experienced our own miniature version of Old Faithful. Whomever hooked up the hot water line to the dishwasher did not do so properly.  After barely moving the appliance, we found ourselves damming up the walls and bailing out the floor whilst trying to find a tool and the muscle strength to turn off the stiff old hot water heater valve. (J was particularly excited to have the important assignment of fetching towels). We also discovered that the line had already been leaking slowly as it was. Not even the 4 layers of flooring were enough to stop the flood, although they did seem to prevent the previous leakage from ever getting into the walls and floors of neighboring rooms. It’s a good thing we intended on replacing the sub-floor anyway. Oh. My. Gravy… the STANK that was exposed when we pulled out that dishwasher… I am so thankful that my job today was mostly keeping the kids out of the way, although I did do my fair share of bailing. I was also thankful that the hot water was not scalding, and that one sink was still in operation at that point so that I didn’t have to throw water out the window.

I did get a little (and I mean very little) handy with pulling down some old wood paneling. Initially, we had intended on painting it, but the more that we exposed, the more we knew it had to go.

Now that the kitchen completely gutted, we have an addition to our temporary kitchenette-in-the-dining-room set-up: the refrigerator. Also, now that we have no sinks in the kitchen, that means that I have to wash the few non-paper-plate food prep items in the bathroom. In concept, this kind of grosses me out even though I’m well aware that the kitchen is likely more germy in reality). None of our bathroom sinks have counter-space to speak of, so this task takes talent.

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Next several items on the remodeling list:

  • get an electrician in here to set things up the way we need them for the rearrangement of appliances and hopefully recessed lighting
  • replace sub-floor (we are almost done with the gutting! Hooray!)
  • put down new flooring (a durable laminate tile)
  • cut out the wall where the bar-height counter will go
  • sheetrock
At this point, I’m really hoping the cabinets don’t come in before we are ready for them :-s

Narcoleptic Note: Twitch-tastic

The other day, I was excessively sleepy. Granted I am always sleepy, but it was exponentially worse that day. Life just took desperate effort and concentration. I noticed when I was standing still in the check-out line that I felt my cheek twitch a couple times. Being new to the world of handy-dandy smart-phones, I thought: what better to pass the time than to take a useless video of my twitching cheek?

The twitch was much more distinctive than I was aware of, much more often than I thought, and it wasn’t remotely limited to my cheek. For your viewing pleasure, here is my make-up-less, sleep-deprived face in its twitch-tastic glory:

Apparently, facial tics/twitches in narcoleptics can sometimes fall under the umbrella of  mild cataplexy (loss of muscle control/ muscle weakness). I’m not sure if that’s what this is or not.

To be honest, I am quite shocked that no one has every pointed out to me before, “Hey, your face is being really obnoxious”.

Although this does explain the handful of occasions where folks suspected that I winked at them when I didn’t know what they were talking about.

So far, most family or close friends that I have brought this up to have said “I just never really noticed that much”. My mother-in-law informed me that she remembers noticing it about a decade ago when I was singing in choir and she was paying attention to me, but she just thought maybe I was nervous. Well, I wasn’t, but now that I know that I make facial contortions, next time I just might be! Talk about an imperfection being exposed… I’m slightly embarrassed… not so much that it happens but that I have been COMPLETELY unaware.

Exposure is funny that way.


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